Ashley and Lorina's wedding video can be summed up in one word... Bollywood! As a wedding videographer I was very excited to be covering a traditional Indian wedding video. Lorinas parents welcomed the wedding guests to their beautiful home in Dundalk. This day was full to the brim with Indian culture and traditions. The colours, the food, the music and the Bollywood dancers was simply spectacular. This day was a totally different wedding experience for me and I learned so much. Check out their Bollywood wedding video below



As a wedding videographer I love when my couples does things a little different! This stylish couple looked amazing on their wedding video. Bernadette wore a fabulous lace backless gown while Martin was dapper and modern in his blue suit and dicky bow. I really loved their wedding look! On our way to the Mullranny Park Hotel we stopped off for some  snaps in between showers. Bernadette and Martin huddled together under a brolley during a spot of rain and then braved the elements in order to get some great pictures for their album. Check out their wedding video highlights



This wedding video benefited from the 80's styling created by the bride and groom. As a wedding videographer, this day was so much fun to cover! All Ireland basketball champ Niall definitely scored a basket in one with his classic beauty Stepha. Their wedding took place at Tankardstown which is an amazing country house venue in Meath. The couple designed their day to mix with this stylish location and an 80's fun theme. Guest had a blast with their glow sticks and colourful ray-bands. The day ended in a massive high with everyone dancing and going crazy to Spring Break who packed in the 80's hits! In the wedding video highlights its clear to see this day was FUN FUN FUN! A big bon voyage to Stepha and Niall who will be making their new life together in magical Kenya. Check out there wedding video highlights here!



Kevin & Aisling's wedding video was so christmasy, with the wedding themed in a white frosty winter wonderland. The detail in the church was particularly special with a white carpet that lined the aisle, decorated with frosty blue fair lights on white branches, perfect for any wedding videographer to film. All of the day was styled beautifully by the bride and her mother.  Kevin and Aisling traveled back from their home in Australia to celebrate this day with all their family, they also brought half of Australia with them. Everyone had a great night in the Radisson Blu Sligo which also had amazing winter decor. Check out their winter wedding video highlights. 


For this wedding video I was off to the west coast. Long time loves Raymie and Lisa decided to tie the knot in the heart of their home town of Bundoran. The reception was held at The Great Northern Hotel in Donegal. It was an emotional start to the day with everyone bursting into tears upon seeing lisa in her dress for the first time. Raymie and Lisa's son Ethan was the star of the day and he enjoyed every second of this happy occasion. The night was completed by an impressive flash dance by Lisa, her Dad, Raymie, Ethan and the rest of the bridal party, which was great fun for me as a wedding videographer! Check out there wedding video highlights below