As a Mayo videographer traveling to Cork is quite a distance but getting the opportunity to create a Castlemartyr wedding video is always one to be jumped at! The grounds of this iconic hotel allow for some epic drone wedding footage. Chad and Caroline are an American couple who decided to travel back to Caroline's historical home of Ireland for their elopement wedding film and they were delighted with the results! Check out their wedding film here



I am delighted to be able to share Shane and Claire's Rathsallagh House wedding film. This beautiful couple were happy to take a wonder with the sun setting and it created a perfect moment on an all together perfect day! I absolutely love my instagram wedding video short of this day! This stunning wedding venue isn't too far out of my reach and I would consider that I am very much a Wicklow videographer as I cover the location very frequently but never with a sunset like this. As a wedding videographer these are the moments to remember! Check out their very different wedding video below.

Rory & Eugene spent some time to find a videographer that was right for them and I was delighted when they selected my style of cinematic videography. As I am now a midlands videographer it means that covering large areas of the country are within a short traveling distance and I can now work as a Meath wedding videographer. In the morning I had some time to stop at Trim castle and capture some amazing drone footage.  I really feel that Rory & Eugene's wedding highlight video is a true reflection of all the love and happiness that was in the room. Why not check out their special happy wedding day and if you enjoy my cinematic videography please click the link to see my wedding video packages.



I am delighted to share James and Emma's beautiful wedding film. This Castle Durrow wedding film was a total pleasure for me to cover, as I was able to catch up with many of my previous brides who had repeatedly passed along my details to there extended network. As a highly recommended wedding videographer, there were a total of 5 of my previous brides celebrating at this wedding day. As I am now based in the midlands I do consider myself a Laois wedding videographer and it is always a pleasure to work at this five star wedding venue. Emma is the proud owner of the very successful Brow house based in Stamullin. Please check out their stunning wedding video below.



As a Mayo wedding videographer its always great to return to this familiar and stunning wedding venue. Creating a Mount Falcon Wedding Film always offers the opportunity to find new and impressive view points to film from and John and Helen's day is a perfect example of this. If you jump across to my instagram wedding video page you can see the 59 second snap shot for the couple to share. I would consider myself to be a creative wedding videographer and now with addition of drone footage this is allowing me to add a new dimension to my wedding films. Check out their drone wedding video footage below.