Wedding Videographer Testimonial 9

Gerard + Emer

 Langton Hotel Kilkenny

Hi Ana

Great hearing from you and thank you for your email yes we received the three copies of the dvd and it was excellent thank you very much. We are very happy with the short video and also full DVD that was provided and we have recommended you to a few friends already and of course will be happy to do so in future.


Gerry + Lyndsey

Lough Esker Castle Donegal

Hi Ana,

We are delighted with them thanks a million. Gerry was adamant he didn't want a video and now we both prefer it to the photos! It's lovely to have and you did a great job it's not at all cheesy like some I've seen!! We'll definitely be recommending you to our friends!! Merry Christmas to you to and hopefully see you around Ballina xx

Thanks a million,


Wedding Videographer Testimonial 7

Roision + Nicky

Wedding 2015 Clayton Hotel Galway City

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Hi Ana

Yes we received them, and they are just so wonderful - we can't thank you enough. The quality is fantastic, you captured all the fun and joy that we felt on the day, watching it we felt like we were reliving it all again! So special to hear the music in the church again too, and in particular I was so overcome the way you were able to perfectly layover the "Forbidden Friendship" song from How to Train Your Dragon to me walking down the aisle - it reflected exactly what I had once hoped it would be like (before the practicalities of finding a small orchestra to play it in the cathedral became unrealistic, haha) - I was overcome with emotion watching that!! The video quality is fantastic, and you have such a wonderful eye - you were able to pick up things we didn't even know were happening, vignettes of our friends and family, different angles of dances.... it was just spectacular and such a wonderful keepsake from our day!

Anytime anyone asks who we had as our videographer we are so happy to recommend you!

Thanks again so much

All the best 


Sarah + Darren

Wedding 2015 Broadhaven Bay Hotel Belmullet

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Oh my lord Ana,

Where do I start??!! Thrilled, delighted, blown away.... That doesn't go near capturing how we felt after watching your amazing work! Every last detail was given care and attention, you captured some of the most precious moments we'll ever experience in our entire lives so beautifully.... We were both bawling watching it! The picture quality is outstanding, so clear and sharp. And the gorgeous packaging!!!! It took every ounce of willpower I could muster not to rip it open and watch it before Darren came home.... On the day itself, you were just fantastic... I remember thinking 'oh crap, I forgot to tell everyone about the dog' and worrying that you mightn't be a dog person, you were at that stage down on the ground with the lens firmly fixed on our handsome hound. So many things cropped up throughout the day and you were such a calming influence. You got on so well with everybody and you were so unobtrusive that we didn't even really notice we were being filmed. Thanks again for all the extra copies of the DVD, my grannies are delighted & there's a copy on its way to Australia to my brothers! I will be recommending you to everyone I meet, FACT!!

Love & best wishes,

Sarah & Darren Carey xx